e-i-e-i-o acres

Small Hobby Farm in Rural Missouri

Girly and Pooh enjoying the first big snow of the season!

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Baby Clark finally arrives!

Things have been so crazy, I haven’t even posted our news of baby Clark being born. We thought Skittles would have her baby back in October. We never imagined she … Continue reading

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Heaven opens it’s arms to welcome Bridget!

We were all very sad last week when after a hardy meal of schnitzel, eggs, and various other goodies for breakfast it seems that Bridget decided it was time to … Continue reading

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The turkeys last hurray!

Tom is telling Frank to enjoy his last week on earth before being turned into Thanksgivings main attraction. The much anticipated turkey butchering takes place this Saturday. It is quite … Continue reading

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Enjoying the summer blooms before the frost!

I have really been enjoying all of summers blooms. Bringing the outdoors in as much as possible. This is sort of a sad time of year when all of the … Continue reading

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Barnyard buzzing!

The barnyard is all abuzz in anticipation of the new addition arriving anytime now. Skittles the miniature donkey should be delivering the adorable bundle to the barnyard shortly. Every morning … Continue reading

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Buttermilk Peach Coffee Cake

We just got back form a trip to Michigan last week (my favorite place on earth, I must add) and we bought a buch of beautiful peaches along with other … Continue reading

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