e-i-e-i-o acres

Small Hobby Farm in Rural Missouri

Crying “Fowl” – Ducks, Geese & Turkeys on the Farm

Ducks & Geese:
About the same time we started raising our first chickens, we also started raising our first ducks and geese. We put a small kid’s swimming pool in the chicken coop and it was really a hoot to watch their antics. We soon realized the ducks and geese needed more space so we moved them into the barnyard. They quickly turned into our new alarm system, making quite a racket when anything unusual was going on or anyone new was approaching. To add more space for them to swim, we dug a small pond and they couldn’t be happier.

It is fun when the geese lay their eggs around Easter. Kids love to dye the enormous Easter eggs. They also make a perfect three egg omelet! The duck eggs are very rich and are a real treat when we have them.

We can’t imagine e-i-e-i-o acres without our flock of ducks and geese.

A few years ago, Matt decided he wanted to raise some turkeys so we could have a wonderful, tasty, fresh turkey for Thanksgiving. The first year, the birds were so delicious that the word spread and once our friends and family had sampled our home-raised birds, they were hooked. After that first year, we kept two turkeys, a tom and a hen to add to our barnyard. We named them Tillie and Tuttles. Since then Tillie’s eggs have become a big hit with the chef’s at Scottish Arms. They absolutely love the flavor (even more than a duck or goose egg). Who would have known?

For every Thanksgiving, we raise 30-40 turkeys for friends and family. And whether they’re baked, fried or smoked, these are the best birds you’ll ever taste!

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