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Small Hobby Farm in Rural Missouri

Bunnies are growing fast!

Here are some bunnies enjoying there daily carrots. Finally I think we have achieved the MasterCard commercial.

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More Bunnies!

Well, it took a long time to have our first baby bunnies, born on January 1st.  Now our red bunny has had her first litter a couple days ago.  Our … Continue reading

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more bunny pics!

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New bunny pics! They are growing like weeds.

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Updated baby bunny pics

The bunnies are growing like weeds.  Aren’t they just the cutest?

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Bun Buns

Here is an updated photo of the bunnies, they are two weeks old and beginning to hop around. I think you can at least tell what they are now. There … Continue reading

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First babies of the new year!

The first babies of the new year have arrived . . . wait for it. . . Yes, we have baby bunnies born on New Years day. After many failed … Continue reading

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