e-i-e-i-o acres

Small Hobby Farm in Rural Missouri

Get well miss Bridget!


Bridget went in for surgery to remove her eye today. She had had two previous surgeries to remove tumors and this time the eye had to go. She is doing well after the procedure and we will be anxious to get the old girl back. Pooh and the other girls miss her terribly . . . it’s just not the same without her around. She is about 15 now and has been slowly losing weight so to combat that Matt feeds her canned dog food, meat scraps and an egg twice a day. As you can see in the picture Pooh patiently waits while Bridget eats her meal and when Bridget decides she is finished Pooh finishes whatever is left in the bowl. Pooh also protects her from Inky who probably would not be so kind as to let Bridget finish her meal.

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This entry was posted on June 19, 2013 by in Dogs.
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