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Baby Boom at e-i-e-i-o!

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030For the last week there has been a steady stream of lambs being born. The lambing jugs where we put the girls to give birth have had revolving doors. As soon as we are sure mother and babes are all well we have been kicking them over to the nursery area. There are so many moms and little ones – – Matt says it is like one big milk orgy! Lambs stealing milk from other moms, ewes crying for their babies so the babes know which mom is which. It has been alot of fun to watch. We have had more sets of triplets this year than ever before. We bottle fed a few for a little while to give them a good start. Hopefully everyone will grow well.

There is only one more ewe to have a baby. Matt was hoping Mae would have hers soon so he could have a little break from getting up at 2:00 in the morning for baby watch. The goats are due to start kidding on March 15th. I hope he gets a little breather.

This weekend we will be letting all the moms and lambs out with the rest of the gang. Then the lamb 500 will start. The running, hopping, side jumps, follow the leader . . . oh, I can’t wait . . . it is such entertainment. My favorite time of the year is watching this ritual.

Enjoy the pictures of all the new little ones.

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