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Small Hobby Farm in Rural Missouri

Baby Watch

We are anxiously awaiting the birth of lambs from two of our super sheep. They were actually due on January 16th. This is very odd because Bill almost always gets the job done immediately and babies are born pretty close to 5 month date. We were thinking about it and have come to the conclusion it must be related to the extreme heat in August when we bred Freckles and Baby Doll.

Matt wanted to have two of the sheepers have babies mid January (the rest are set to have babies mid to late February) so if his niece decided to show a lamb at the Washington Town and Country Fair we would have a few to choose from that would be the right age. As it turns out she didn’t join 4-H and get into the lamb program so that is a mute point.

Matt has the lambing jug all ready to go with a heat lamp and comfy cozy straw, he sets his alarm for 2:30 each night to get up and check on the girls since it has been so cold. We know it has to be getting close.

There is nothing like seeing that first lamb of the new year. They are so adorable. I will keep you posted.

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This entry was posted on January 24, 2013 by in Sheep.
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